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About me

Hi there, I am an abstract artist from Guernsey with a deep connection to nature and the Earth. Growing up in Australia, I spent much of my childhood barefoot and immersed in the natural world around me. This connection has continued to inspire and influence my artistic practice throughout my life.

In early 2022, I had a profound experience during a deep meditation where I reconnected with the energy and vibrancy of my childhood days. Through this experience, I was able to tap into the colours, shapes, and patterns that had always surrounded me, but perhaps had been forgotten over time.

In this altered state of consciousness, I am able to channel the power and energy of nature into my colorful abstract art. Each piece of abstract nature art that I create is imbued with this energy, making them truly unique and one-of-a-kind. My art is a reflection of the natural world around me, and I hope to inspire others to connect with the beauty and power of nature through my work.

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